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About Champion Realtors of Barbados

CHAMPION REALTORS, a registered Real Estate Agency, was so named because, according to the company slogan, "We are more than just winners...We are Champions!"

OUR MISSION at Champion Realtors is to change the way real estate business is conducted in the region by offering first class customer service, connecting buyer to seller in a highly professional manner and working together as a strong cohesive unit to realise high levels of revenue and customer service. We believe that excellent customer service is paramount to the extent that our focus is to become the No.1 leading real estate company in Barbados and the region. We are more than just winners. We are Champions!

The company's directors Rohan and Cheryl Moore explain that they see themselves and their staff as fulfilling the role of champions in the life of each and every client. "We do not just see our business as buying, selling and renting real estate."

"It is about fulfilling the visions people have for their own lives, and getting the right "fit" between all parties. Whether your plans are modest or palatial, you are a single, a couple or a family looking for a rental apartment or house; or working towards the process of buying land and building or buying your home or investment property, this real estate agency will Champion your cause, in giving you unique, personalised service.

The four territorial managers are also familiar with all locations in their areas and so can advise you according to your lifestyle plans. Do you want to live on a hill? Near schools and shops? Do you dream of a picturesque view or a beachside or near beach property?  Are you looking for a good business location for a small operation, or a bigger commercial building?

In addition, the management and staff will interact with you from the first stage of your wishes, guiding you through the requirements, and giving you advice on accessing mortgages and loans, understanding building plans, and suggest questions and requests you need to make of your architects, those drawing plans and contractors.

You have no need to be apprehensive or stress yourself out when thinking of the necessary documentation and legal processes involved, as your Champions will enlighten you on all the procedures and act on your behalf wherever possible.

This company is not just interested in "the big picture" but in the details of what you want to see in all areas of the picture, including the landscape and interiors.

The Moores say: "This is because it is not just the location and the building itself that must fulfil clients, but the way rooms are structured, the height of ceilings, the spaciousness of rooms, for example, some wish to have bedrooms that can amply hold king beds or two twins, whereas others want small and cosy outlays.

"The person who likes privacy and lots of time alone has different needs than those who like entertaining. Having a backyard, garden space, children's play area, and land on which to plant vegetables and fruit trees are important to the satisfaction of some clients.

"We and our staff will listen attentively to you and research the land or properties which are most likely to fulfil your needs."

Local, regional and extra-regional clients, whatever their needs and wishes are all welcome. Building owners and landlords can also receive assistance in securing tenants and having property management servicing, based on the same principles of matching the right persons to the right properties.



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